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Waste water out pipe.

27-08-08, 13:44
I have recently fitted a kitchen into my van.
The waste water drains into a tank under the sink, but takes up loads of room.

I noticed at a recent show that you can run a pipe from through the wheel arch and keep the tank out side.

1 Can I just drill a hole through the wheel arch and stick the pipe through it?
2 Do i need or is there a special gromit that needs to be fitted?

Can you please let me know the best way to fit the pipe without causing damage to the wheel arch or letting in water. T:

27-08-08, 15:09
I would make the hole jus a bit bigger than the pipe and seal it up with some good mastic.

27-08-08, 15:14
My waste pipe goes out through the floorpan, less chance of water ingress than in the arch ( spray from wheels etc). Hole is sealed with silicone.

paul ss
27-08-08, 17:00
as remioboy said u will get a lot of spray from the arches

27-08-08, 18:32
Mine has a Fiamma waste water tank fitted under the floor with a tap.

Works well no mess and no need for a waste water bottle T:

28-08-08, 00:53
Straight through the floor for me and bunged up with sealant.

Had a waste tank under the sink in one of my old vans. Forgot about it once and a couple of months later..... eurgh!

28-08-08, 11:35
I ran mine through the vent in the back that allows air pressure to equalise when closing doors! :D