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Service Question

27-08-08, 17:05
Hi Guys.

Just popping the 2.5TDI 102 team white in for a service at our local recomended garage.
These guys specialize in VW and T4's, and i took her there on recomendation for my cam-belt change a month back, and alls been well!!

I dont think shes had a really good service for a while, and i've only had her for 8 weeks, so i am going for a 'full service'.
Ive been quoted 170 + VAT, thats for all the usual filter changes and all other service stuff.
Does this sound about right?.......

Many Thanks.


Steve W
27-08-08, 18:49
Hi Taffy, Sounds a good price to me, are they using the synthetic oil that vw recomend, an changing your brake fluid as well as coolant fluids.

Had my T4 TDI 2.5 done for the same price an all the above done with full checks on other stuff and hand brake adjusted.

So back to your question, yeah id say about right.
Cheers pal, Steve W....:cool: