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Lost keys? Non coded type

27-08-08, 17:09
Lets just say , hypthetically, I:I: someone may have left their van key in a field in Holland....:D

What are my alternatives?

New lock set 100 or so.

Dealer wasnt too sure if they can order keys on a chassis number and V5, dunno why I thought it would be a yes or no. (oh, gave the game away.. Im a dumbass!)

Any other options?

Yeah, and dont ask me to use the spare. I taped it somewhwere afe and it fell off.LOL:

27-08-08, 17:43
my local garage can usally code a key to a chassis number.
worth a try
south street motors

paul ss
27-08-08, 17:54
you plonker LOL:

should be able to get them coded on chassis number but just hope the locks havnt been changed before to a 2nd hand set before you purchased the van T:

27-08-08, 18:01
i lost mine for my old van, and the dealer coded new ones from the reg no' but the locks had been changed, so you should be able to get some cut.
Oh yeah id get 2 cut this time!!!!!;):ILU::ILU: