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Is this Van Saleable?

Jim Doodle
27-08-08, 21:49
Hi guys, a fiend of mine has a white panel van, pretty tatty, 2.0 litre petrol 96, crew cab under 100k on the clock. It won't pull away in 1st, hence it is sorn, but it has an MOT, and its going to scrap otherwise. Is it saleable? I'm not the owner or seller, but was wondering whether it is the kidn of thing people are interested in as a project or spares?

Is this the kind if thing anyone is interested in?

27-08-08, 22:54
yes it's saleable. I'll offer whatever the scrap value is and pick it up too to save it from the scrappie. Pm me if that's better than killing it. I'd be interested in it as I like the petrol engines and have bits that might suit it for a project.

paul ss
28-08-08, 00:39
i no someone that should give you 500 for it mate will ask tomz if you like send a few pics up so can show them he has been looking for a project for some time T:

Jim Doodle
28-08-08, 20:02
Just went to see the van this evening for the first time, its in pretty good nick, little rust aroudn the petrol cap, but in good nick otherwise, it's a facelift shortnose.

I'll post some pics tomorrow when i get them off my phone, i should think it woudl get 500-750 since it is a drivable.


Jim Doodle
30-08-08, 16:48