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Dam i think it's due for a service already!!! What shall I do?

T4 Tom
28-08-08, 22:25
Only got my T4 in March, serviced it end of March/ April at 143k

It turned over 150k while in Germany so I guess it's time for another service?

Last service it had:

Oil & Filter
Air Filter
Fuel Filter

Cambelt & Tensioner
PAS Belt

Just had Aux Belt and new front brake pads, it's also had new battery etc.

My guess is just Oil and Filter?

28-08-08, 23:00
Hi mate if its like service time like my tdi its 10,000 ! 80,000 on cam belt so you are fine
by my records ! ( some say 60.000 on belt ! ) but thats what i have listed on autodata anyway good trip i hope T:

T4 Tom
28-08-08, 23:23
Yeah good trip thanks, van performed perfectly.

I was under the impression it was 6000miles / 10,000km but I could be wrong.

Do you reckon as the air & fuel filters were replaced just four months ago there is much point changing them again after 7k? and it is just an oil / filter service I need



29-08-08, 16:19
1.9 every 10000km
2.5 15000km
sounds like inspection service has been done if aux belt was done so im guessing simple oil/filter and quick look over when its dueT:

T4 Tom
29-08-08, 20:56
lol it was me who did the last service so dunno if i did and inspection service. Just noticed the aux belt was ancient along with the PAS belt when the cam belt was being done so changed pas belt then got my mate to do the aux belt when he was doing brake pads but he didn't tension it properly so ended up doing it my self anyway

as the saying goes if you want something done etc. etc.

its done about 6500miles since last service so what I'm saying really is if 6.5k ago i changed all the filters, following the VW recommendation would i just change the oil and filter now then next service change them all again (which won't be long lol the number of miles i seem to clock up)



29-08-08, 21:01
I Guess Oil And Filter Willbe Ok For Now:

T4 Tom
29-08-08, 21:02
I Guess Oil And Filter Willbe Ok For Nowt:


cheers T:

30-08-08, 06:56
Tom, Do Oil & air for the sake of a few quid extra, Also may want to do fuel filter cos you run veg oil dont you?

Jon T:

30-08-08, 20:20
I do most of the servicing myself. My 1.9td gets:

oil and filter every 6 months (roughly every 4-5k)
air filter every 2 years
gear box oil every 2 years
timing and aux belts every 40k
brakes and coolant flush every 3 years

I know my oil changes are possibly unnecessarily regular, but the engine feels much sweeter than other 1.9td's I've driven so i think it does make a difference. Although I am running Synthetic oil and full stainless system without particulate filter. ;)