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More van woes

30-08-08, 11:38
i was driving my 2.5tdi yesterday, pulled away and there was a jolt and i lost power then instantly regained and the glow plug light flashed then later on it was hard to start (always is when cold but it wasnt cold) i got it home and looked under the bonnet to find a fibre hose not connected to a plastic pipe just to left of the intercooler. BUT i have had power and mpg problems for a couple of weeks? i started it and it seemed ok but still yet to take it for a drive. ideas?

30-08-08, 11:39
sorry to the right of the intercooler heading into the dashboard and the other end heading down to a set of pipes

30-08-08, 12:18
went to take it for a drive, pulled away, stalled, pulled away, stalled, now it wont start at all. not looking good :( what if this is the end of the van? if it is im screwed.
please help?

30-08-08, 12:53
got it started took it for a drive and got the dips in power, at 1 point it seemed like a rocket and then it seemed usual sluggishness. (102bhp) ive checked the service history and the guy who owned it before me had the oil changed every 3 months?

steve padda
30-08-08, 17:08
Have you connected the pipe back to where it should be ??

30-08-08, 17:20
yes it was attatched when i took it for a drive :(

30-08-08, 17:27
Forgive me if this sounds a dumb suggestion but you haven't recently switched where you buy fuel from have you? If it has had a couple of fill ups during this period then forget it but just a thought.

T4 Tom
30-08-08, 17:50
how does it idle?

30-08-08, 20:23
MAF sensor plug loose?

30-08-08, 20:53
not reading my key apparently according to the AA dude