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Just been towed home :(

30-08-08, 20:52
just been towed home from sainsbury's by one of the last aa t4's. the reason for my woes (not starting) is because its not reading my key so it thinks im nicking it. :( so i have to take it to the dealer or does anybody know any volkswagen assistants about the west mids?

steve padda
30-08-08, 22:17
Hi Mate

I can give you a couple of numbers,

give them a call and see if they can help

Vw Rescue 01902 897755 (have had a few issues with belt changes, your choice )

Autotechnik 0121 561 5781

your choice on these bud.


31-08-08, 08:21
sorry to hear that matt

hope you get sorted soon matey T:

31-08-08, 10:46
yeah, just got a nice big drive away awning and cant even use it!