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Pair of new front seats

31-08-08, 07:31
I've got a pair of new front seat not sure what they are for they are 3 door seats but can be fitted to any vehicle... They are a bit dusty due to being uncovered in the workshop but theres no rips or wear at all due to them being new, one has slide out storage tray under it that can be removed easily and both have pockets on the rear of the seats..

Looking for 40 of your fine pounds..


Chocy Rocky
31-08-08, 11:52
I think they are from a Toyota.

01-09-08, 15:21
intrested in these mate where u at?ta

01-09-08, 15:47
Bit of a trek form you really i'm in Bridgwater somerset..

I can deliver for free to vanfest @ great malvern...

08-09-08, 13:37
Open to offers on these... Can take to Vanfest this weekend.. :ILU: