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head gasket price

31-08-08, 11:24
hi everyone had to have my pride and joy bought home by the yellow vaned brigade last night has been losing a bit of water for a while now and a bit of white smoke on start up and a highly pressuresed water filler point even days after not running the van then last night it completely ran oiut of fluid warning light on so even i now have to believe the head gasket is gone unless anyone has any other ideas just wondered what anyone thinks it will cost to get it done as it looks a bit tricky and i am short of time at the moment any advice would be appreciated

07-09-08, 16:41
That is exactly my symptoms. My head was cracked. The head cost 600 including gasket and bolts etc. You sure you don't want to have a go? I did and I am really glad I did because it would have cost me the cost of the new head just to have someone take it off and find it was cracked, if that makes sense. It wasn't too hard in the end but if you are short of time then that is a problem.

09-09-08, 19:07
just foun out head is very badly cracked now decideing wheather to change just head or drop new lump in