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Standard Long Nose Grille/Spray Adhesive/Sealing Foam

Lawn Boy
31-08-08, 16:51
Have for sale the following items after a clear out:

Standard long nose grille less badge, VGC, 7 including postage.

10 cans of heavy duty spray adhesive, enough here to do a complete interior, this is not the cheap stuff and is made by RS. Quality product. 30 including postage.

125 metre roll of white sealing foam, 10mm x 5mm, just the job for reducing road noise when fitted to the back of lining panels, flooring, etc. Have used loads of this and it really does the job. Easy to fit, self adhesive. Bargain 14 including postage.

31-08-08, 20:18
ill take the adheasive do you have paypal

Lawn Boy
31-08-08, 21:43
Sent you PM

Lawn Boy
02-09-08, 18:44
Adhesive Now Sold

Lawn Boy
05-09-08, 16:31
Lights now sold