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White walling tyres?

02-09-08, 21:40
I've done a little research on white walling tyres, and have come up with 2 options:

inserts or white tyre paint.

I'm going to go with the white tyre paint to do the tyre walls. Can anyone recommend a good supplier?

Also, I recently read in a magazine that people have started scrubbing off the text and info on the wall of their tyres for that smoother/cleaner look (using sandpaper). Would you need to do any prep like that before white walling????


02-09-08, 22:18
Depending on where you are there are a couple of places where you can get whitewalling applied to your tyres professionally:




I'm toying with the idea too...I:

type 2 reject
04-09-08, 18:56
a friend of mine put the inserts on his bay window, when we were at the BVF he needed a new one to replace one that had split, someone said to him 'f*#k them they wear grooves on the side wall of your tyres', we laughed at him, called him a 'dick' under our breath and walked off. When we got back to the vans we had a look under the insert and sure enough they had worn a groove where the edge of the insert flaps against the tyre, it was quite deep as well and they had only been on for 1500 miles. A lot of 'humble pie' was consumed that evening. :eek: