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03-09-08, 09:11
just ordered 28 bat's of 50mm 1200x600 thermafleece the was going to be three of us but someone has dropped out so should have 10 - 14 bats left if anyone wants any drop my a line 6 each Liverpool Aigburth, 6 should do a van depending on windows see

03-09-08, 14:52
Sent you a PMT:

04-09-08, 16:05
I'm A Newbie And Want To Do A T4 Swb Panal Van Going To Leave Out The Sliding Door Window And Drivers Side Window As Putting In Windows. How Much Will I Need To Do Van Including Roof And Floor. My Sister Inlaw Has Paypal So I Can Use That To Pay For It. Thanks Allan

04-09-08, 17:03
if you divide each side into 4 panels 1 bat will do each pannel ish and you mite have enough left to do the back door or maybe need 1 extra also depending on the type of door.
not really ment for the roof or floor as it's 50mm thick and wont take any waight. my floor I've glued 100mm batons at 300mm going across the floor and insulated inbetween with two different types that i had left over from jobs then screwed a plly floor into the batons
hope this helps

04-09-08, 17:10
not sure if thiss willl work
but this mite help
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well thats no help got a screaming baby so i'll ry later

04-09-08, 22:22
I'll take take 7 off your hands if still available, i can arrange them to be picked up aswell. Can you give me a bell 07790 477743 if a goer cheers