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Dude With The Orange Ascari's!!

03-09-08, 20:31
Dude, I saw you in Exmouth on Saturday afternoon, just looked like you were going for a cruise! :ILU::cool: Anyway, T4 was looking awesome! Ive seen it in many pictures on here, but seeing something in the flesh is totally different!!
I gave you a wave anyway! I was driving my Splitscreen at the time! My excuse for the PINK ribbon... I had a wedding I did in the morning!

Anyway, you have been Spotted! Your van is awesome!!


03-09-08, 22:35
that would be billet the kid, awsome van.

03-09-08, 23:15
You will have to forgive me with names unfortunately, I am a newbie but I will get there!
But yea, your right, It is one awesome looking van!! Nice one man! A:


Billet the Kid
04-09-08, 17:08
Hi Scotti,

Yeh we clocked you as well, that is one sweet splittie

Just on a quick run to see if I had cured an electrical fault that stopped us from getting to VW Action, sadly I hadn't so will have to wait until Friday for my Auto Electrician to diagnose the problem,

Anyway thanks for the kind comments and just for the record my daughter thought your van was the best thing on the sea front T:

Cheers Billet