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part no needed

04-09-08, 20:35
if any of you have followed my "i despair "thread you will know my predicement.

I think the disks they changed may have been replaced by wrong ones

anyone know what discs (size/part no etc) they should be on a 1999 2.5 tdi 102bhp t4
I will even give you the reg if it helps v285fam


04-09-08, 21:01
There are three different sizes of disc mate.

from '99 0n - t4 fitted with 15" wheels as standard came with 280mm diameter 24mm thick discs - vented disc. or 282mm diameter 18mm thick discs - solid disc.

t4 with 16" wheels as standard came with 300mm diameter 26mm thick discs - vented disc.

Don't know if that is any help

04-09-08, 21:18
Thanks for that,
Ive just got a feeling they fitted 300mmx 26 which was why its all gone wrong?

04-09-08, 21:20
If your original discs were vented then you need 280mm x 24mm vented discs mate

loud ed
04-09-08, 21:54
just posted in your other thread mate now seen this one i agree with yon scots man

05-09-08, 10:37
Where are the ones they took off ?

They should be the same size (diameter)

Tha garage sounds like it needs sacking !!

05-09-08, 13:20
problem solved,
right discs, right calipers. cheap hoses-didnt fit right. changed hoses and bingo- all good
Ive got to get a ferry now

thankyou everyone who offered advice and helpT:

team french
05-09-08, 13:45
hurrayA:A:A:A: have a good unT: