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Whats the best value Battery

TDI Dave
05-09-08, 10:55
I was looking in halfords and they want 90 quid for one of their batterys for my t4

any one else had halfords make? or are there better ones

anyone recommend a good one im off to get one today

as soon as my windscreen has set (new one this mornin)

05-09-08, 11:37
costco have bosh bout similar price..
i needed 1 for a golf rang around everywhere in yell.com got a 70ah for 40 quid was going to be 80 90 every where els worth having a shop around

05-09-08, 11:44

german and sweedish seel them

05-09-08, 12:03
Dont go by price, always go for the best that can be afforded as this will only let you down if you go for any old cheepie.

Been there done it.

TDI Dave
05-09-08, 12:45
i agree not going for cheap really ,the one on it is a varta 12v 80ah 380A DIN

it has 32overthe top of 02 stamped on the neg terminal would this be the date?

is this the correct amps etc... so i know what to ask for

and where can i get a bosch one today?

my batt voltage is now at 10.19 v :eek:

ill dissconnect it in case my car has started to drain it from some other fault

TDI Dave
05-09-08, 12:46
german and sweedish seel them

ahhh now i get that ! lol

TDI Dave
05-09-08, 12:57
ok i can get a bosch 100ah for 115 quid off the shelf now

does that sound about right

or a banner for a tenner cheaper

what you think to that price?

05-09-08, 14:11
if your near a Sparesworld I got mine there...


come with a good guarantee too (cant remember how long tho!)

05-09-08, 19:21
It depends on whether you use your van everyday, or not...

Now I cycle to work my van doesn't see much action nowadays - jumped in it the other day - flat battery. The second battery in 7 years (and they were the biggest that would fit.

Yuasa have just launched a range of deep cycle batterys (that will solve my problem)that are very competitively priced. For a more indepth appraisal of there benefits, I've posted an article in the Tech area in the Electrics section...

They are available Nationwide through Motor Factors hooked up to the UK Parts Alliance...

www.ukpa.net (http://www.ukpa.net)

loud ed
05-09-08, 21:39
yuasa are exellent batteries but ive found the bosch silver to last longer but ive not tried there deep cycle batteries yet

05-09-08, 22:51
Dont buy Banner

total junk............they have an issue where if they are not 100% precharged on a charger before use they will never reach cappacity properly

I took over a place once and there was a full pallet of banner batteries sitting in the store ready to go back :eek:

my 2p worth ....Varta Calcium , trade about 55 plus VAT for the right size


T4 Tom
06-09-08, 00:12
I fitted a YUASA in mine, cost me 65 from a local place.

I used it as my "Leisure battery" as well as being the starting battery and it's not let me down yet T:

06-09-08, 08:10
My Bosch battery is date stamped 00 = year 2000 :eek:

Still starts van even when its been parked for weeks T:

08-09-08, 19:42
My Bosch battery is date stamped 00 = year 2000 :eek:

Still starts van even when its been parked for weeks T:

Must be a record A:

The new Yuasa deep cycle batteries are called Elite - I've just fitted an 017T (the biggest size) to my 1.9TD Camper.

It's worth noting that Varta and Bosch have quietly reverted back to a 3 year guarantee - Yuasa's is 4 years (but not for "leisure" use)