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EXAA any insurance recommendations?

05-09-08, 14:03
Have mine at the mo with HIC, and its due for renewal (hopefully not!). I dont like the way they charge admin fees for changes, and for monthly payments, and they have just bumped my policy up by 30 to 378! (37 yrs with 65% no claims!). any recommendations for a change appreciated :)

05-09-08, 14:24
theres lots in the insurance thread- I think its just a case of phoning around
hic, budget, adrian flux ,justkampers are all mentioned
good luckT:

05-09-08, 14:31
I've got my exAA with CIS insurance as they were cheapest for me.


05-09-08, 14:42
Mine's with Churchill 250 fully comp with business cover

team french
05-09-08, 15:16
I dont like the way they charge admin fees for changes, and for monthly payments

fairly standard practice across the board from what im aware of, anything to milk you of more of the hard earned:(

05-09-08, 15:23
I have a white van, can anyone recommend insurances? LOL:

Why would you ask for 'EX AA Insurance'? Its a 2.5tdi T4 102bhp!

05-09-08, 15:39
I have a white van, can anyone recommend insurances? LOL:

Why would you ask for 'EX AA Insurance'? Its a 2.5tdi T4 102bhp!

because its got recovery vehicle mods

05-09-08, 15:49
cool...cheers guys. shall try CIS and Churchill next. Adrian Flux wouldnt touch it, they sent me on some broker merry go round phone call for half an hour. Will try budget too...is justkampers insurance not done by HIC?

05-09-08, 18:19
ah well...gonna renew with HIC. cant get a lower qoute and most companys wont even insure it. closest was 450 from Budget, and then they had to check with their underwriters before issueing a policy. CIS wouldnt insure because it has alloys, Churchill qouted over 500, those broker peeps rang back and said they couldnt do anything. Thanks for the suggestions tho :)

05-09-08, 18:29
have you tried evan insurance? they just put my policy down from 419 to 366, FC with named driver, declared mods and breakdown cover...??
can get a quote online... you don't even have to speak to the phone numpty...

06-09-08, 06:40
well dont go with direct line ,
i bought my latest t4 in june and told them i had a set of alloys on it ,and on the august bank holiday some little chav in his clio smashed in the back of me ,its now in loders crash repair yeovil and i had a kind curtissy call yesterday from direct line saying you have alloys on your van!!!! blah blah you didnt tell us blah blah blah extra 47 please or ya van dont get repaired??????
my insurance is up for renewal on monday and they want to put my insurance up by 92 and want an extra 250 excess on the insurance!!!! have they lost the plot??????

well you know what ill be doing today on the phone
was thinking of ringing churchill but they are owned by rbs who also own direct line
did think of fluxxy but someone on here is saying they wasnt interested !real shame i have had many a modified car insured with them inthe past

06-09-08, 11:36
Churchill excess was excessive..fire or theft was 350 and accident damage excess was 600 :eek: WTF?

shall try Evan as last resort :)

T4 Tom
06-09-08, 23:19
try performance direct (underwritten by Royal Sun Alliance)

07-09-08, 00:34
Commercial Vehicle Direct were ok for me the first couple years, then took the p1ss the third time round.

Now have it with Stirling Insurance.
All companies except for Axa and Stirling seemed to have an issue with seats that could be taken out of the rear (only a double), and wanted large premiums for the honour.

07-09-08, 05:35
adrian flux are cheap but don't touch camper van ie rear seats , shame but there's got to be a reason , god only knows what it is

07-09-08, 07:20
Just to let you know im with Adrian Flux and found them really good, they even took into account my NCB on our other car! i told them about my mods, 19" alloys, lowering, extra rear windows, tints and extra seating in the rear in the rear 375.00 Fully comp with 250 excess... i was well pleased my next cheapest quote was 800 plus.... some would not even ensure me.......

07-09-08, 11:05
I have it with shield, they were really helpful and all I had to do was send them pictures to show it was converted. Alot of others would not touch an Ex AA as registered as pickup/recovery vehicle.

07-09-08, 11:48
E-Van - best quote for me by a country mile!

Old Gooner
07-09-08, 13:45
Try Ensdleigh, I have just insured a car with them, don't know what they are like for vans.

I have justed finished 8 years as a company car driver, 2006 no fault claim, 2007 I hit a hare - even though I explained the hare did not stop at the side of the road and look both ways, it was deemed to be my fault. Many companies would not even quote for the car 1995 Merc 280E, those that did were wanting >1000 FC LOL:. Endsleigh price was 485 FC and full business use for traipsing round construction sites :ILU:.

09-09-08, 23:16
ended up renewing it with HIC...i decided to add protected no claims, and paying by installments..it pushed it up to nearly 500 am still feeling sick about it...just paying monthly cost an extra 70

15-09-08, 23:15
Hi, I pick up my first T4 tomorrow!! https://www.vwt4forum.co.uk/images/icons/party0049.gif(Ex AA too).
Tried CIS- they quoted 400. My current broker got me a price of nearly 100 less. - Commercial cover, allowing for modification, i.e. extra seats.
They also do breakdown cover with relay and homestart for 60.

Broker - 2gether insurance 0870 766 2318

Look forward to joining team yellow!!

Ps. anyone out there near Wrexham who enjoys t-cutting.....?https://www.vwt4forum.co.uk/images/smilies/biggrin.gif