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VR6 Turbo

Jim Doodle
06-09-08, 20:06
Has anyone fitted a turbo to their VR6?

browsing ebay came across he turbo kits and couldn't think of a vr6 turbo on the forum?


06-09-08, 20:12
I dont think the auto box would take the power, they are temperamental at he best of time.

paul ss
06-09-08, 21:12
put a link up to it fella please , who makes the kit , and if its on ebay i wouldnt touch it with a 10ft bardge pole the turbos are put together with no nails and fail within days thats my experince of ebay lol

07-09-08, 19:39
There's a link to a twin turbo'd vr6 on here somewhere.

08-09-08, 16:22
That exhaust manifold looks like an in-line 6 to me.