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front window trim

07-09-08, 19:51
As i cant find anywhere more suitable to place this so here is as good as anywhere i spose.

We are currently undertaking some paint mods on my bus and to do so need to get the trim that goes around the front windscreen off to properly get to the root cause of the blemishes.
Therefore we were wondering, if seeing as we beleieve its a bonded from screen the trim should independantly pop out yeh ?, if so any helpful hints on how to so as not to braek it ?

Also will have to probably do likewise to the rear window as a bit if rot forming between the bottom of the rear window and the top of the rear wiper.

Any help, pointers or details much appriciated


07-09-08, 20:39
The trim will pop out, but you can't put it back in without removing the window, as it has to go in with the window.

You can get the trim & remove & re fit window yourself, or pay a fitter to do it - around 50 to remove & re fit.

You can get trim from window fitters, measure what you need & ask for "1084" trim, but less hassle to get the fitters in.

08-09-08, 14:04
Ok thanks for that not really what i wanted to hear, but hey nothings easy is it and everything ends up costing a fortune such is life i suppose ! cella vie


TDI Dave
08-09-08, 14:22
i just had a new windscreen fitted and i stod and watched amazing how fast he did it !

it looks to me like you can re fit the trim albeit fiddly as when he bonded my new one in the rubber trim didnt contacyt the glue anywhere but im no expert just the tinking if it can be pulled out why cant you push it back on?

08-09-08, 14:33
I did think this was the case as im sure its only a filler strip so to speak to cover the rough edge and i would of thought that it would be able to come on and off, its however refreshing to know that it can be bought relatively easily if it does get knackered or looks rough when replaced.
As we do not require it taken out to do the windscreen it might be worth the trial, anyone a spray painter here that could maybe hazard a helpful piece of advice maybe as i'm damn sure you wouldnt mask all round it would u ?.
Unfortunately either way it has to come off as the old tin worm is starting to blisster behind it and want to get to its root to stop it forming again.
Also same issue with the back one any ideas on it ???.
All help appriciated, also in or around Glasgow anyone any idea where i could obtain such trim from and any idea of costs p/m or whatever


08-09-08, 19:57
I remove windscreen for painting on every T4 I do, because you can't mask the rubber properly or get any paint round edges & if there is rust around it then there is rust behind it mate & you can't pull rubber out & then put it back in - that ain't a guess I paint enough of them.

09-09-08, 16:52
Thanks for that, it did look that way i was only really hoping amoungst hope it wasnt the case, as it kind of puts a kybush on a home repair job then don't it as i have knowhere large enough to store it whilst windows out and repairs are being done unfortunately so will need to find another route to sort it all out.

Rust aint serious or nothing i have seen far worse i just dont want it getting any worse is all as i have a few small areas around the screen i would be better possibly getting them
all done at once therefore window only in and out the once i suppose.

The rear window under the middle of the window itself is starting to rot and nees attended to NOW supposedly i will have the exact same problem with that one also ???

Any help. pointers etc appriciated of course