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08-09-08, 10:21
We don't know what to do we are looking for a van we wanted a t5 but we are considering a t4. what are your views on this which would you go for?
We have 14k and we want something special and different!
What is a sensible price for a kitted out t4 or t5?

We have just joined the t4/t5s, as we have just sold our splitscreen so it all new to us!

Many Thanks.
Darren And Vic

08-09-08, 10:27
You wanted a T5, so i would hold and get what you wanted. For 14K I would have thought you could buy a decent T5 and then spend the change making it a bit special, rather than buying one ready done. Just my opinion - Good luck

08-09-08, 11:01
HI Darren & Vic

My advice would be to go along to a meet local to you or head over to vanfest this weekend and have a look around all our vans. That will give you a real good idea of what is possible.
I personally prefer the T4(this is MY opinion and not the start of a debate)
I feel it has a little more character and from what ive been told better build quality.
For your budget you are in really nice T4 territory.

But again its all personal preferance. Look at as many as you can then decide.


T4 Tom
08-09-08, 11:25
I'd suggest buying a decent T4 for 7k or something then spending the rest on customising it how you want it and maybe go on Holiday as well if you have some left over LOL: T:

08-09-08, 11:51
with that sort of budget you WILL be able to get something a bit special for sure, just depends if you have some vision as to what is special to you as a van builder some people come into us with very good vision of what they want which makes our lives a lot easier some.

reference which is best that I think is a personal choice one thing I would suggest is you drive both a T4 and T5 will help you make your mind up no end.

08-09-08, 14:41
Yip i agree ive been looking to change up to a t5 for a while now but am very reluctant to do so, i know a couple of guys who run them as chauffeur vehicles and previously had t4 caravelles and shuttles etc and who openly slate the t5 as knowhere as good in many different areas as the t4 was and still is to this day.
With a 14k budget you could most probably get a really good T4 as new as they come as low mileage as they come well kitted out by most of the usual suspects dependant on where you are in the country and still have change for all the bling bits and as someone said a holiday also to try it all out.
We were only going to change really to have a newer vehicle as the old tinworm is starting to show on our current one, and until a t5 crops up at the right price or in exchange for my current T4 i doubt if i would now even consider it.
My opinion then is a T4 go for a 2.5tdi and as low mileage as poss and as new as poss your entire interior bed units cooker and sink from the likes of cost only about 2.5 and any competent diyer could easily fit which leaves a lot of change if going down the diy route.
Just my opinion guys, of which we are all entitled.

Hope that helps