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15" Alloys, centre caps and tyres

09-09-08, 12:15
As I have just fitted some RS8s to my van I have these alloys for sale. There are 3 good tyres and one near the limit with VW centre caps. Not the best photos of the wheels but you get an idea what they are like. They only have very light kerbing on them, I can get better photos of them once this rain lets up! I'm looking for 200 and can take them to Vanfest.


10-09-08, 06:43
I am open to offers on these...

10-09-08, 07:59
whats the best price you would take for these? im going to vanfest and could pick em up from you cheers

10-09-08, 12:09
PM sent to Danbuswell...

10-09-08, 16:55
wheels now sold

Chocy Rocky
10-09-08, 19:12
Ricky, I love the look of your van. Just thought you should know.