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dealership cambelt job - good result :)

09-09-08, 14:30
Just got back from my local VW dealership (L J Irvines in Bridgwater).

They originally quoted me 575 all in for cambelt kit & waterpump to be done.

I droppped it off just before 9am this morning and said if you find anything else along the way that can be done at reasonable cost then do it.

Got a call a bit before 3pm, job done.

Picked it up and they've done;

Cambelt kit
Water pump
Crank shaft oil seal
Fuel pump belt
Oil top up
3 ltrs of coolant

THEN, they gave me a keyring offering 25% off labour as my van has just turned 7 years old. Applied that discount to the bill and the total came in at 536 inc VAT, which is less than the original quote despite the extra parts replaced!:D

Job done, peace of mind in less than a day and I didn't even get my hands dirty! I know I could have bought the parts myself for about 250 but I'd have spent a weekend getting dirty & cross and probably screwed up the timing. Plus having no history on the van I now know they've given it a once over inspection and pointed out that (apart from the horn) there is nothing else visually wrong.

All in I'm a happy chap as the best independent quote I'd had was only just under 500!

09-09-08, 14:48

I like the sound of the keyring offering discount on labour. My van turns 7 years old this year so I may be eligible. Do you know if it is it only Irvines offering this or all dealers? I am due a service and Cam belt later in the year and that would offer a reasonable saving. it would be easier to use Heritage at Westbury rather than travelling to Bridgewater, but its not that far for a saving.



09-09-08, 15:03
Might be all dealers, as looks to be an officially printed VW key fob, though the printing does include the garage name & phone number.

The keyring says:

Vehicle age Discount
3-6 years 15%
7 years + 25%

Their number is 01278 444999 if you want to ask about it. The chap I normally deal with is "Simon".

Like I say, took them half a day, I didn't get my hands dirty and even with extra work cost less than quoted and still only 50 more than the best independent quote I'd had!

10-09-08, 19:10
had mine replaced 3 weeks ago . had the horror price of 610.00 .after theyd bought me round with smelling salts ,they agreed to do the job for 465.00 all in. Belts kit ,pump ,coolant ,the whole shabang . I did how ever tell them it was 'nt a company commercial and a private owned daily ,, LC Charles VW in Crewe ,Cheshire .