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Help with buying a T4 LWB

10-09-08, 09:44
Ok Guys and Gals, as my name suggest, i am new to all of this. :eek:

Over the next few days I am going out to try an track down a half decent van to form the basis for my project. I want to build a custom van around a LWB T4 (would like a T5 but can't afford one). So, a few questions...

Do i go for a 1.9 or a 2.5? turbo/Intercooler or what?
What should I be looking for in problem areas. I have looked a few on evil bay and there just seems so many at such a variety of prices I don't really know where to start.:(

I was thinking of a standard van that i can do the work on myself. Better than having to undo other peoples work. I live on the Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire border and would welcome any help or advise from local members with regard to choosing my first van.

Only other consideration is that it will have to be my daily transport and I do a few miles. I am an NVQ assessor and visit my clients at their work place so don't want to turn up in a beat up builders van (Currently running a volvo v70 d5se that does 52 to the gallon on diesel, anybody want to swap?) and the van will have to look a little less like a delivery van from day one and be economical.

So, any suggestions, ideas comments etc? What about mileage? I see them with 166,000 on and people are still asking 4,000+ I mileage a problem. Help is much needed.T:

10-09-08, 10:37
very interested in what you find, as at some point over the next few months i will be doing the exact same as yourself :)

10-09-08, 11:21
hey, I bought a LWB T4 a month or so ago, took me two months to find one I was happy with........personally I dont think you need to be worried about mileage around the 150,000 mark. I bought mine with 144,000 miles on the clock and the engine runs like a far! Ive driven both the 2.5tdi and the 1.9 and they both drive well, the 2.5 as you would expect pulls better, and is a more comfortable drive on long journeys as it is happy to cruise at 70-80mph. I think its worth the extra money for the 2.5, but then I only use my van at the weekend to get to the beach and back, (500 mile round trip).
On a long trip cruising at 70 mph I can easily get over 600 miles from a full tank, town driving it falls to about 530!

Let me know if you have any more questions....its worth spending the money on the right van.

10-09-08, 11:23
LWB on ebay at the moment.. Apparently just been resprayed and i'm sure the interior will come out to allow someone to get there own stuff in there... 90250573931&_trkparms=72%3A12%7C39%3A1%7C66%3A2%7C65%3A12%7C24 0%3A1318&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14

Jono :ILU:

10-09-08, 12:35
Doesn't seem like bad value for money really, if you worked out buying a van, cost of respray/paint, interior, wheels etc:):)

10-09-08, 14:41
:ILU:What are they key differences between SWB and LWB? as far as i can see just the extra 400mm (from memory here!)

We intend to do a long term road trip around Europe, so the added length will be of benefit

Mr Mega
10-09-08, 16:22
i'm on my second LWB conversion starting from a basic panel van in both cases, the later had barn doors and they were the 1st to go, you cant shelter under barn doors in the rain.
Whatever way you go figure on 1200-1500 for fit out and a lot of hours if you want the windows, alloys,, lowering, colour coding extra trim bits, all the carpeting and woodwork, bed etc.
My one that i'm still working on was lucky to get both air con and electric windows already factory fitted, just need to add the central locking.
Look for something with as many extra's already fitted, will save time and big bucks.
Mine is a 2.5tdi 88 and daughters is 2.5tdi 102. Both pull well and get 38ish to a gal, , both bought unseen of flea bay, with full history and 170k ish miles. will cruise all day over the legal limit.
the extra 18" as she says, makes a huge difference when working out storage/bed space.

10-09-08, 19:19
quality advice mr mega, luckily i have a vw dealership or 2 (i think) within our dealership group, so i'll make a few phone calls and ask their buyer to keep an eye out for me :)

Anyone got examples of their camper interiors on their lwb?

10-09-08, 20:01
quality advice mr mega, luckily i have a vw dealership or 2 (i think) within our dealership group, so i'll make a few phone calls and ask their buyer to keep an eye out for me :)

Anyone got examples of their camper interiors on their lwb?

bud theres a whole topic on it in the workshop section on the main T4 page... everyone has their builds there... T:

11-09-08, 12:44
i see! i see!

Am i correct in thinking the additional length is created before the rear wheels?

11-09-08, 14:33
you are.:)

12-09-08, 11:31
I've got a LWB and the extra length allows an adult to sleep length ways with head/feet to the rear door then there is enough room for a child to sleep between front seats and the adult if you see what I mean.

Basically on a SWB there's enough room to lie down but then only a small bit of space leftover.

12-09-08, 13:34
Hi all, thanks to those who have posted a reply to my question. Having also looked at a couple of other threads it seems that the qeustion of 1.9 or 2.4 or 2.5 is a very subjective one as is how much to pay for a van. (Are engine parts getting hard to find?)

At the end of the day, a van is only worth what someone is prepared to pay for it. And some that i have looked at were massivly over priced.

looked at one a couple of days back advertised as new professional conversion. Well....what to say about this. If this was a professional conversion i would have taken them to court and mis representation. It was a garden shed on wheels and absolutely not worth the 5k he was expecting to get for it. i thought at first that he was showing me the wrong van. He seemed very taken aback when I asked "Is this the van that was advertised".

i have seen standard vans with 60K miles for under 4k on V and Y plates and seen R plate vans with carpeted panelling, alloys and 160k miles for 5K.

So me thinks I will go down the route of buying a standard van and converting it myself unless anyone out there wants to trade their van against my 03 52 plate volvo estate v70 d5 se leather, dial zone climate control, heated electric memory seats, auto dip rear view mirror, auto windscreen wipers, premium sound system with 4 disc player and dolby, cruise control, the list goes on. 147k miles. I will keep looking but would still welcome any info and suggestion/comments about what to look for. looking forward to getting some more feedback.

cheers to all

iain T: