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Genuine Audi 18" alloys with Dunlop load rated tyres

11-09-08, 01:13
Hi all,

Following a change of plans with the van I am selling this set of wheels. I've not seen these anywhere before - perhaps someone can say what they are? Certainly a bit different to what most people are using :)

They are the real deal Audi rims, 8Jx18 ET43 with only the smallest of marks here and there. One of the rims has a couple of small chips in the outer edge from a curb.

The rims are shod with Dunlop SP Sport 235/50/18 tyres, with a very generous load index of 101Y. All tyres have very little wear (6-7mm tread left) and silver valve caps. A full set of regular bolts are included as are the Audi centre caps. The tyres are around 150 each new!

Sorry for the poor pics, I can take more tomorrow in daylight!

The slightly bigger profile on these means a smoother ride and on my van, lowered 60mm at the rear I've only had the odd scrub on larger potholes etc.

Offers in the region of 400 please?

Thanks, David

07846 966548

14-09-08, 21:15
If it helps the wheels are from either an A8 or S8 :)

15-09-08, 17:34
Cheers mate.

Perhaps I was in the wrong ballpark with the price - offers around 400 anyone? :D

19-09-08, 13:54
Hi there,
I'm new to all this, but have just bought a 2002 T4 SWB in red (the colour being the most important thing obviously!)

Can you tell me how much work is involved if I want to take off the original wheels and put yours on? We have the usual 15in steel wheels at the mo. I have no idea about this sort of thing!

Thanks very much.

19-09-08, 14:14
Should be a straight fit no problem T:
They may need differant bolts but these are available from any alloy wheel supplier.


22-09-08, 20:33
I can include the bolts that were used with these wheels as well...

Up to the top I:

26-09-08, 23:10
Here are a few pics from when I purchased my van:

Thanks, David

27-09-08, 06:54
I'm very interested in your wheels but i'm in essex, would you be happy to arrange delivery? And if your interested I have a 3 seater and 3 single seaters from the back of my bus that i'm converting, all immaculate and with seat belts and mushroom bolts? A swap maybe?! :D

27-09-08, 16:57
Hi Maximus

I could arrange delivery but I'd imagine someone would need to be in to receive the goods. The cost would be about 50 but I'm sure we can come to some arrangement I:

I'll be away for 2 weeks or so from next weekend on...

28-09-08, 14:04
Ok chap Im not in a rush so if you still have them when you get bac off hol PM me and we can try and sort something out, have a good n

28-09-08, 18:06
really nice alloys should sell well mate!!
look a little different! :) :ILU:

22-10-08, 21:32
nice rims do you still have them for sale?

22-10-08, 21:34
Hi folks, back from holidays now.

Thanks for the nice comments, wheels are still available! :D

23-10-08, 18:10
Hi folks, back from holidays now.

Thanks for the nice comments, wheels are still available! :D

Hi,I am interested in these but when is the best time to call.
Cheers Andrew

23-10-08, 18:39
Provisionally sold to Andrew (ihatenissanmicras), due to collect Saturday.

Thanks :)