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caravelle bed extension

14-09-08, 09:37
again direct from one of my customers, turlough has just had his delivered to vanfest and is well chuffed with padding, locks into the runners, turlough had his delivered for a discounted price of 425 all in this is only 200 all in

15-09-08, 06:19
ask turlough how it works lol i think he may have test driven it saturday night

15-09-08, 06:47
if interested drop me an email

[email protected]

15-09-08, 06:56
200 cash without vat lol but if you were buying it it would be 425

15-09-08, 12:09
its a good set up

15-09-08, 12:42
if youre within a 50 mile radius of maidenhead ill even deliver them myself foc

15-09-08, 13:38
sold now.

daves having it

15-09-08, 14:02
Do you still have the fridge.
Thanks Belly

15-09-08, 14:03
yep i do yes, and if you own a t5 ill throw in a set of rubber mats that have just appeared on my desk lol

18-10-08, 18:21
Just picked up my velle today, I quite fancy the fridge, and will probably need a bed extension b4 next year - but am skint til I sell my camper :(
Also really liked the look of the velle sink/cooker unit - do you have a cheap one of those hidden under your desk???
I dont know when i'll be flush again, but do let me know about any cheap velle stuff you get in. ;) ( or you could buy my camper, then i'd have the money to buy tons of stuff off you LOL:)