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How do i post a PDF?

15-09-08, 14:04
I have done a guide to changing glow plugs on the 1.9TD engine.
How do i post it as a PDF for everyone to have? Its a lot of cut and paste otherwise!

15-09-08, 14:06
I dont think its possible fella. If you want you can email me the pdf and I format it for you then email it back so you can post it up ready done.

[email protected]

15-09-08, 14:12
Can you post pics? dont i have to have the pics uploaded to photobucket then link to them? I have put a fair few pics on the guide.

Is my only option to just upload the pics then paste the text and link to the pics in a new thread?

Dont mind doing it as long as it can be put in the tecnical area to be sfound easliy by others.

T4 Tom
15-09-08, 14:58
Hello mate

I can help you i think.

Is it currently in PDF format or not?

If it's in PDF format you'll need to find some where to upload it so people can click a link and download the file then view on their computer using Adobe Reader (previously Acrobat Reader)

If you want to convert it from say a word doc or an image to PDF, then I use a bit of free software called Primo PDF.

If you want it uploaded, email it to me, and I'll host if for you and give you the link to put in the thread.



15-09-08, 15:13
I see now!! thats how people attached pdfs, they are uploaded. what website can i put a pdf fileon? can i do it on photobucket?

I have now done the guide on the forum, its waiting for moderators to check it then i will put the link!!!

Happy days!!

15-09-08, 19:02
Why not do a screen capture of the PDF and post a pic that way ???


15-09-08, 19:25
Can't you upload it to although having just checked it doesn't appear to work!

Anyone know what's happened to the wiki?

15-09-08, 21:03
Try here