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leaky engine

15-09-08, 15:48

wonder if anyone can help....

I've a 1997 1.9 TD T4. It is leaking anti freeze from the plastic housing that bolts onto the front of the cylinder head. I bought a new housing and fitted it and it stil leaks:(

When the van is cold it is fine, but when been on a run and cooling system is pressurised it drips from the housing.

any ideas?? :confused:

many thanks for any help

P.S new to forum and no posts in engine forum part.
P.P.S Just been to vanfest as a vanfest virgin. Excellent adventure!T:

paul ss
15-09-08, 16:07
is it leaking from any of the rubber pipes , just thinking when engine gets warm and heat rises the pipes will expand if there not cliped up propley .

it isnt to full is it and when over flowing when gets warm

15-09-08, 16:27
Thanks for quick reply,

filled coolant level ok, new jubilee clips on hoses when fitted. all the hoses look ok. no splits or cracks.

could it be a head gasket problem if system is creating too much pressure?:confused:

van runs fine, no overheating. done 118k. no water in oil or visa versa.

many thanks