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Wil these fit?

15-09-08, 21:43
Hi all, I have 2 sliding windows held in with rubbers and I have just got hold of a pair of Caravelle bonded sliding windows, will they fit in my old holes, read a few posts on here saying that the holes for the rubbered windows are too big for bonded windows - or will it depend on what type of window I have?

I was under the impression aslong as there was a metal lip I could bond the window in?



15-09-08, 22:05
Hate to say but I reckon you'll not have enough "lip" left to bond windows to but as you say it depends how big your "rubbered" in windows are.
I recently had to replace one of our "rubbered" window and thought I might be able get a bonded one instead but when I removed the rubber you should see the size of the hole :c no way a bonded window was going to fit!