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On the hunt, newby

16-09-08, 20:43
Hi guys, first post new member here from the West Midlands.

Currently i drive a heavily modded jap sports car, always modded my motors, always had a passion for cars.
My mate owns a 1972 splitty and treats it like his baby and i have always banged on about its unreliablility and brick like tendancys, but. After a recent surfing holiday and introduction into VW i must admit i fell inlove.
After doing some research i think the T4 is my best bet. I would use it as workhorse during the day talking tools and moving materials, and also custom built fold away bed and install for surfing and social use. Very impressed with the quality of diy camper conversions on here.
Looking at the engines i would probably go for the 2.5 dti more bhp the better :) but any advice much appreciated.
I have no idea of these vans strengths and weakness yet any common problems to look out for?
Is there a good source to use when looking to purchase a T4?

16-09-08, 21:01
Welcome mate!

There is plenty of helpful info/people on here mate but you will need to be a full member to see private sections. Its only a tenner and thoroughly inspirational!

17-09-08, 09:27
Welcome to the light. the dark side is strong but dont be pulled back.

I got my van from Ultimate Transporters in Birmingham. they take panal van and give you a good base to start from. Wheel, lowering, colour codeing.

the rest can be found here, if you dont know ask.

Good luck

17-09-08, 21:26
Hi and welcome to the forum, if we can help just BUZZZZZZZZZZZZ