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17-09-08, 11:56
any body having problems accessing the wiki?

17-09-08, 15:43
not working for me either

17-09-08, 16:21
nor me............

25-09-08, 09:47
Nor me ... been hearing loads about how great it is, but haven't actually been able to take a look at it!! Come on admins - sort it out, we're paying for this feature!

25-09-08, 09:52
Me too... thought it was just an "operator error"I:

T4 Matt
25-09-08, 10:26
I can't access either:(

20-10-08, 17:52
Thought I'd post here to push this back to the top - I'm quite disappointed that I can't view the wiki - hopefully someone with a bit of power on here will take note and fix it! Come on guys!!

20-10-08, 19:01
What is Wiki (having a blonde moment:D)


loud ed
20-10-08, 20:56
i cant make it work either is it supposed to be some sort of translator or summut else completely i dunno i just gave up but then it might just be meI:

20-10-08, 21:56
It's been broken for over a month now. I posted about it in the miffle of Sept:

but not had a reply!

It's like Wikipedia but for T4s!