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Electric mirror fix

18-09-08, 06:38
Someone caught my driver's mirror with their van yesterday :( It left the glass hanging by the heater wires but not even cracked. Does the glass just push back onto the mounting plate? Couldn't see any clips etc lying in the road :confused:

Ta T:

paul ss
18-09-08, 06:46
might be of some use not sure if its the same as electric one though


18-09-08, 07:29
The mirror has the 2 electrical heater connections (obviously), then the circular clip (50mm diameter) that pushes over the corresponding part in the mirror body.

However - there's a very delicate bit in the motorised adjustment mechanism, controlling the side-to-side movement.

Check that corresponding circular bit in the mirror body moves correctly when you press the buttons - and particularly that it doesn't feel like you can rock or tilt the circular bit in the mirror body from side to side with your fingers.

My mirror took a hit that just shattered the glass, but the side to side adjust mechanism was damaged, and no amount of faffing would make a lasting fix.

In the end I bought a whole new mirror body. At least that's pretty easy to fix, as you can pop the little mirrors & windows switch panel out of the drivers door and disconnect the wires there without removing the door panel - then just take out the 3 screws on the outside of the door.

18-09-08, 07:36
Thanks for that T: I have just popped the glass back in and seems to be Ok at the moment. Fingers crossed the mechanism still appears to work!!