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oil light flash engine wont start

18-09-08, 14:33
I have a strange problem

was driving around in the morning fine no issues van worked perhaps the best it ever has

go out to use it in the afternoon wont start

all the LED come on glow plug light goes off

turns over but almost immediately the oil light flashes and the engine wont fire

so i check the oil needed a bit so i put some in and while i wait for oil to get into the engine i check all the connections i can find to make sure nothing has come lose .

still nothing

any ideas as i am at a loss now :confused:

Mark W-E

T4 Tom
18-09-08, 20:44
my oil light flashes until my engine is running... so maybe that's not related to the problem?

Sorry I can't help more than that.


18-09-08, 22:53
What engine do you have Mark? As a starter I would check that you are getting power to the solenoid on the fuel pump.

19-09-08, 02:17
i have the good o'l 1.9 diesel

where will i find the solenoid so i can meter it

I find it very curious how the van can be working one moment then not the next so to my mind it has to be a connection has come lose ???

TDI Dave
19-09-08, 09:14
my money is on the solenoid (as said earleir) has become stuck in the pump

luckily a cheap fix might even clean it and replace easy job too

19-09-08, 09:55
went out this morning to have a look and before i did anything thought i would give it ago

it started so yeh good call on the pump solenoid i think

will have to find it and have a look at it -- where is it

thank you to all that have offered advice


19-09-08, 21:57
I don't have a 1.9 but it is under/connected to the only electrical wire going to the fuel pump.

26-09-15, 16:04
Im having the same problem with mine today will try that n then see what happens thanks guys