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Help..any ideas on why my t4 flattens the battery rvery 3 days

19-09-08, 10:11
Help... I have replaced the battery... I have charged it but there seems to be something draining the battery completel flat if the vans parked for 3 days or more.. any ideas welcome.. is there a common cause???

help.. its driving me mad.. have to remember to disconnect it..

19-09-08, 10:25
Have you tried charging the battery and each night removing the terminals to leave the battery unconected to anything? Invest in a multimeter if you havnt got 1 ( Maplins do cheap one for 4.99) take a reading in Volts when you disconect and same in morning, how old is your battery?

Check if altenator is charging again with multimeter on battery terminals.....check before starting and then when engine running

hope you get sorted T:

19-09-08, 10:27
non tech suggestion.

Something is earthing and draining your battery.

If you have a volt meter and willing volunteer
put volt meter on battery, with either you or willing victim sorry volunteer monitors the out put,
pull all fuses out
as you replace monitor reading
and draining one should cause a jump in useage

might help.

19-09-08, 11:05
Thanks for the suggetions... I have just got a multi meter.. I'll give those ideas a go...

19-09-08, 13:05
Have you recently fitted a new stereo or alarm etc. That is often a cause do to incorrect fitting.

19-09-08, 21:11
Ive had two vans that drained the battery on and of. Both proved to be the standard radio.

Try disconecting for 1 week.


20-09-08, 15:58
I've also been having this problem. I've removed the fuse for the radio and going to try that following instalation of Ipod ice link....

TDI Dave
20-09-08, 18:53
my velle was doing this two weeks back it turned out to be a small motor (under near the rad) wich was pulsing all night long when really quiet have a listen near the van at night
i dissconnected the plug to it and its been fine since T: