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Vw t4 ajt panel van 03 for breaking

lancashire vw
13-08-12, 11:12
Hi it's the 88 bhp type tailgate and slide door bolt on wings good gearbox the van is complete ready to cannibalise for parts I can post everything will add pics later 07736478180 text or pm me

lancashire vw
14-08-12, 19:29
https://www.vwt4forum.co.uk/picture.php?albumid=2805&pictureid=66888 https://www.vwt4forum.co.uk/picture.php?albumid=2805&pictureid=66888 https://www.vwt4forum.co.uk/picture.php?albumid=2805&pictureid=66887 i will put more pics on tomoz doors are listed in the for sale section gearbox etc all good ,pm me your needs T:

lancashire vw
15-08-12, 16:23
come on vdubbers lots of parts ready to be shipped out or collected !!!!!

Premier auto electrics
15-08-12, 17:43
OI OI is it 2.5 tdi?
i need camshaft clamps 1and 3 dont suppose you would knack the head for these would you ???????????

also os/ns drive shafts

pretty please with bells on!!!!

cheers Mick (Premier auto electrics)

15-08-12, 18:43
Im after the upper plastic trim from the steering column.

15-08-12, 21:20
Hi, does it have electric windows/mirrors? any aircon? cheers

lancashire vw
15-08-12, 21:25
sorry no cheers mate

15-08-12, 21:31
Paul, Ive sent you a tx,
Cheers Paul.T:

Webby Matt
21-08-12, 16:04

I am after the break servo please, most importantly.

Also the plastic trim on the dash that looks abit like a net, that surrounds the buttons for rear screen demister and the blank buttons. If that makes sense.

Also do you have the rear demister button and a blank button themselves.


22-08-12, 17:00
Hi mate, I spoke to you earlier about lock sets for a t4. Cheers micky

22-08-12, 17:26
whats the condition of the n/s front wing and is it short or long nose also how much posted T:

24-08-12, 00:04
Pm sent..........

27-08-12, 16:17
hi mate, how much for the side door, Cash on collectionI:

29-08-12, 16:53
I need the contact for the sliding door with central locking,it has 3 brass fingers and is on the door itself.

30-08-12, 23:03
Hi there, do you have/how much for a set of speedo clocks with blue and green plugs wiring complete to the fuse box. Either from this 03 van or 02 or 01 reg.

cheers steve

31-08-12, 20:12
hi, do you have the air ducting from between the bonnet and heater blower? need the later type, but im not sure if it incorporates the pollen filter housing.
let me know how much.
cheers ed.

01-09-12, 22:58
message me price for the driver side wing mirror if in good condition T:
plus spoke to u about base with swivel, best price for both together?
and also need sliding door step cover if in good condition.

pm me price for each item please


02-09-12, 09:00
hi how much for the gearbox & its code please.or have you got a manual for my velle.cheers mark

13-09-12, 17:52
Do you have the ariel mate?.

13-09-12, 18:58
hi looking for the bonnet release pull handle posted. cheers

22-09-12, 10:32
I'm after blue clocks and all centre dash items (heater controls + surrounding fascia) let me know how much if you've got some. Cheers, James

22-09-12, 11:19
I'm after a rear bumper (only the plastic bit), if it's in good nick. PM me a price please.

26-09-12, 18:48
im after the rad hose that goes to the stat if you have it?


Just Vanz
26-09-12, 19:16
Gearbox ? :*

26-09-12, 20:17
hi buddy does it have the electric mirror switch thats located in the drivers door thanks T:

26-09-12, 23:14
PM sent!!!!!

27-09-12, 06:48
Do you still have the tailgate off this van?

27-09-12, 08:53
How's about the power steering pump? PM me or 07807938051 if its available please T:

27-09-12, 14:42
front bumper posted in good nic? cheers

merseyside bossman
17-10-12, 09:04
do you have a tailgate Vw badge?

17-10-12, 18:15
come on vdubbers lots of parts ready to be shipped out or collected !!!!!

Hi mate I'm after 2 gas rams for tailgate plus both brackets that go on the body, mobile 07961654163, if you can help would be helpfull

18-10-12, 17:53
Im after the bonnet. Switch got one?

18-10-12, 19:44
Do you have the pollen filter housing

19-10-12, 16:23
Hi I'm after 2 gas rams for tailgate door plus both brackets that bolt to the body for the rams to fix to,if any could you bell me ,07961654163

19-10-12, 16:50
Does it have either of the mirror sun-visor's ?

Disco danger
21-10-12, 10:00
Hi. Do you have the step for the side door. Cheers steve

30-10-12, 19:26
do you have a brake servo pump thanks

30-10-12, 22:05
Can this thread be closed if you have nowt left to sell?

02-11-12, 17:20
Hi have you got a head lining ( cab) moulded on


lancashire vw
11-11-12, 09:19
just to let people know i have loads of stuff for sale sorry i have recently not een on the forum i have been busy in my private life should be back to normal soon cheers

waynes one
11-11-12, 17:24
hi there looking for some door bellows and a front roof panel intioer cheers wayne

11-11-12, 18:24
Rear brake calipers, both front seatbelts and the grey rubber pocket lining from the fuse box cover?

14-11-12, 20:22
pm sent to you mate