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I'm now knackered

20-09-08, 17:34
Started at 9 this morning, the big plan was to change top and bottom ball joints, front wheel bearings and drive shafts. got one side stripped out, bottom ball joint no sweat T: soaked top ball joint and started on wheel bearing, which proceeded to break up :( with the inner race staying on the hub, managed to remove the outer race and replace, then attacked the outer race with heat and a chisel, 1 1/2 hours later we manage to get it off :eek: So the hub is pressed back into the new bearing T: Right!!! Time to attack the top ball joint :( Tried a 2 leg puller :( Tried a 3 legged puller :( heated it up :( OK I've had enough so it's out with the FBH :D That frighted the bu**er I: Not the best method, but it worked. Following the instruction in the manual, it time to fit new ball joint, does following the manual work!!!! No way!!!! :( OK! Build everything back up and apply weight to the torsion bar to assist with pressing it back in. NO! Still will not press right home. I'm completely shot now so it back out with the FBH :D It seated properly now LOL: Wheel back on and road test, no more clonking, grinding and whining from the near side :D The time was now 5:30 and there was no way I was going to attack the other side I: That's for next Saturday ;)
BTW BP is 185 over 106 :eek: :( So I'm going to have a lie down, before I fall down (dead) LOL: ;)

20-09-08, 19:33
Easy pete:eek: what t4 have you got? i thought you had sold all ur buses?


20-09-08, 19:38
Hey Kev. How you doing?? I've got a 2.5 petrol Caravelle T: Running on LPG of course :D I've still got my T4 van but it's up for sale as it's just sitting there :( I'm still not sure when they will let me go back to work and after today it's a long way off (I really am knackered) :(

Did you know our old T25 is running air cooled now :eek: LOL: