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Bodge it and scarper

T5 Aid
21-09-08, 21:10
Have you seen these guys lately?

If so give em a kick in the nuts from me. Iíve just spent the weekend rewiring a mates van and Iím glade I did. I lost count of the bad connections bits of tape and melted terminals. It was a fire waiting to happen, especially when I found that the rubber gas pipe was leaking.

This was a older T25 van, but I think some people canít see the danger in what they do. Anyway at least now I know the wiring is safe.

team french
22-09-08, 12:49
funny, my sister bought a t25 that sounds like it was done by the same people, the front springs were cut in half so they wernt long enough to even hold them selfs in(riding on the bump stops) so what did they do to solve the situation? new springs? no, they held them in with cable ties:jd:jd:jd that ws just one of the bodges, the list is long! the engine only managed to get her home before blowing up aswell.

22-09-08, 20:32
Are these the guys that use that name on ebay?
I nearly bought a t4 from them:eek: