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Opinions please!

22-09-08, 10:24
I'm trying to go all out to sell this T4 for a friend - it was featured in Ultra VW some time last year and caused quite a stir at Vanfest/Brighton Breeze. I know it's a real marmite van, but has some really innovative stuff on it.

The opinions I need are on it's value - It's up for 7500 at the moment, but will take any sensible offers. Does this sound about right? I'm into Type 2's and know nothing much about T4's.

Here's the van:


Thanks in advance,


22-09-08, 10:35
Some might see this as a free "van for sale" ad on your first post I:

22-09-08, 10:38
Well I hope they don't as it's not even my van and has nothing to do with me. It is a genuine 'opinions please' thread so it's pitched right when re-advertised, because it had very little interest at 8500.



22-09-08, 10:40
love the white wall wires. and the upholestery.

very nice.

paul ss
22-09-08, 10:42
theres a lot of work gone into it can see that but you have limted yourself to very feiw pepole that actualy would buy something as crazy .

try retro rides if its diffrent there intrested LOL:

hats actualy in the back of the van

also pepole would be scared to drive it as if you scratch something like that the repair bill wont be cheap i would imagine

22-09-08, 10:44
Thanks for the replies - I'll have a look on Retro Rides.


22-09-08, 10:46
that is a nice van but yea i would be scared to leave it anywhere in fear of damage
good job tho and alot of workT:

22-09-08, 11:54
This van has created a lot of threads and comments on many van forums, mostly good comments but the consensus seems to be

"love it but wouldn't want it"

I'd suggest that its unique paint job and high quality finish will actually hurt its price not help it. You've got to find someone very individual with spare cash to buy it.

Good luck on selling and my suggested price,

What ever some one else is will to pay.

22-09-08, 19:47
Price sounds about right to me,, but what do i know,, its finding the right person

22-09-08, 20:03
It was advertised a while back for nearly double the price...

now its dropped I'd be tempted...

If I hadnt bought my van at the start of the year I'd buy it right now T:

22-09-08, 20:30
age, engine size etc would help
not much but would help a bit

Mr Big
22-09-08, 21:04
Its an awesome van, but if someone had that sort money and really liked it, they would still be buying someone elses van.

I totally appreciate you couldnt possibly build that van for that money, but you could buy a nice solid van and have it painted to suit your own tastes.

To cap things off, you probably couldnt pick a worse time to sell something like that.....its going to be a luxury item/2nd/3rd car for someone, and there's precious little money around for such fripperies.

Its either going to be one you have to accept could be hanging around for a bit and hold out for the right money or let it go cheap.