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Breaking 96' White 1.9 Desiel T4 Swb

23-09-08, 06:53
Hi Guy's Due To The Poor Interest In Selling The Van. I Have To Break It. The Two Front Captains Seat Have Already Been Sniffed Up By Someone.

Tailgate Model- Which Is In Great Cond.

Please Pm Me With The Parts Your After And Help Me Out With A Fair Price And We Will Do A Deal.

The Engine And Box Are Great Drives Fine. But Would Do The Timing Belt.

Thanks Allan.

I Wonder How Many Ex Aa Van Owners Ask For The Clovebox. My Quess Is 7.

24-09-08, 15:47
Hi Guys THE SEATS ARE AVAILIBLE. who wants them?

24-09-08, 16:06
Is there any chance of getting the mushroom bolts that the rear seats are attached to please?



24-09-08, 16:18
what condition are the door cards and cab headliner in ?

24-09-08, 16:23
Is it the 1.9D or the 1.9TD? Not gonna make you rich but I need a dash blank, from the dashboard with the sliding heater controls not the round ones if that makes sense.

When it's stripped are you gonna cut it up? just I might possibly need a full roof :eek:

mark freer
24-09-08, 16:28
if its 96 on i need a heater control thing its the rotary type my control arm has snapped , doh !!!

24-09-08, 16:42
may be interested in the engine, but i wont know till end of this week beginning of next

24-09-08, 16:46
How much for the seats and what condition! Any pics please

24-09-08, 16:51
Hi, do you still have the seats, I am very interested, are the arms ok, and the overall condition?

Cheers Noddy

24-09-08, 17:26
hi mate do you still have the plastic side loading door cover? if so what price we looking at?

24-09-08, 18:21
hi mate do you still have the pedal box, if so how much cheers:ILU:

24-09-08, 18:37
PM'd re: glovebox (ex AA yes!)

24-09-08, 19:00
interested in door cards roof lining ect ect :)

24-09-08, 20:19
gearbox ?
1x engine code = she will fit :confused: so i've been told..

24-09-08, 20:22
Hi Im looking for a good grey or black full cab carpet (K reg 92), Also A-POST covers that fit all the way up to the B-post, I brought in on the bulk buy B-post trim covers but I have a gap were they dont meet (hope you get what I mean)and the knobs for the seat belt slidders. cheers dwayn

paul bremner
24-09-08, 21:03
is it the abl engine? tel 07979330167 paul?

Rising Sun Campers
24-09-08, 21:10
how much for the rear foglight and one interior light (the ones out of the rear headlining)

Thanks alot


24-09-08, 21:42
I Will Try To Pm Everyone Before Weekend And Get Pictures. Cheers Allan 07882 442 300

paul ss
25-09-08, 01:42
if you have any dash blanks left i am in need of the ones that go to the side of the heater controls and the one top right just left of the speedo , if you need a pic let me no , will see if misis could pick them up she is up in glasgow at minute .

Noo Noo
25-09-08, 07:07

Are the bumpers and stuff pre 1996 when they chaged a bit? If so I'm after the a complete back bumper set please.

Wing mirrors and grills too!

06-10-08, 21:24
Hi, What condition are the passengers side wing and front panel between grille and bumper in please? if they are in good condition i will be very interested.


06-10-08, 22:07
what condition sliding door ?and how much ? also plastic cover for seat belt anchor point?

06-10-08, 22:47
Sliding Door Gone, Sorry.

06-10-08, 22:53
you offered me the towbar is it still for sale ???????please pm me again

07-10-08, 07:06
sorry dude you must be mixed up, there is no towbar on the van.

07-10-08, 16:15
i'm after a side it available and does it have a window?

robin wood
07-10-08, 16:57
i need a inside door handle drivers side, got one?

Eternal Optimist
07-10-08, 18:53
Have you got the handbook?

07-10-08, 18:56
Sorry No Hand Book.

08-10-08, 00:41
Hi,have you still got the tailgate and relevent bits?

If so can you pm with a price,Thanks Pete

08-10-08, 06:11
Do you a driver side seat belt?

08-10-08, 06:32
both seat belst gone sorry.

09-10-08, 21:22
Hi there,

Looking for a steering wheel, aerial & both front foglights for my '92 T4. Are these still available??

The Dodd
10-10-08, 11:01
Does it have a pollen filter and cover? If so how much inc postage?

10-10-08, 14:49
Am looking for rear doors with or without windows????

10-10-08, 17:31
No pollen filter sorry.

Paul Martin
13-10-08, 21:38
I'm after the following items:

Sliding door interior light switch (sits on the b pillar)
Plastic cover plate that sits over the drivers side tailgate latch plate (if not black, i'd like to buy the pair)

Please let me know via PM if you can help with these parts.



14-10-08, 12:31
Still coming down ?
Need the gearbox soon, still 4 sp manual...

cheers fella.. :ILU:

14-10-08, 15:09
Does the van have a engine belly pan protective cover? If it does can we have it?

16-10-08, 12:28
i need the seat belt plastic covers for both sides. if you know what i mean and have these that'd be cool!

is the rear door barn or hatch? if its barn i need the lever for the left side door as the previous owner snapped mine!

23-10-08, 20:35
alright mate,
i see that the sliding door has gone but im after the bottom roller? did it go with the door?

cheers, rich

28-10-08, 14:21
Do you still have the engine?? If so how many miles has it done and how much are you after for it?? Thanks. Tim

28-10-08, 21:09
Have you got the fuel flap and a 4 spoke steering wheel for a facelift model and if so how much please?.

Paul Knight
31-10-08, 21:09
if it's a non-turbo 1.9d, please pm me a price for the motor - my latest van project has just spat it's motor, and i'm in need of a replacement!

31-10-08, 22:02
Sorry guy coming tomorrow to colllect engine and box. if for some reason he fails to show I''l let you know, thanks

offroad boy
01-11-08, 22:13
Hi do you have the passenger side head light and will it fit a 52 plate t4 thanx

03-11-08, 20:15
don't suppose you have a dashboard switch or two??

04-11-08, 11:59
Do you still have the cover for the air filter? Not the one that goes into the engine the one for the heater/cabing air intake that is on the passenger side of the van on the top of the bulkhead in the engine bay?

04-11-08, 13:20
Hi, do you still have the passenger side seat belt,also the sld rubber If so how much inc. postage. Thanks

04-11-08, 13:41
Hi, if it had a double passenger seat, I need the gearstick please!

Lewis :D

05-11-08, 20:59

I need both driver and passenger side wing mirrors complete with glass if you have them.
please pm me with what you would accept for them


09-11-08, 18:43
I am after a working set of heater dials for a 1996 VW T4 Transporter, I believe the part number is
VW 701 819 045 B (all large dials. If you have a set can you please email the total price of dials and postage to Yeovil,
Tony :)

09-11-08, 19:15
Hi, if the rear door is still available i'm interested if you can pm me the price, just down the road near lanark too so picking up would be no prob
Cheers Kev

12-11-08, 18:25
Im after a steering wheel in good condition if u have one if not already gone , 96>on model please

pm me with price / pics / details

cash waiting