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Trimmed headlining for sale

Rising Sun Campers
23-09-08, 19:33
I have now purchased my new project van on my own (as my mates bought a house so we sold our joint effort!). In the van is a nicly trimmed headlining in grey material. It has been done the full length of the van and looks a good job. Only problem is it does go with the colours/plans I have for the van. Wondered if anyone on here might be interested? If so make me an offer. Other point is if I do this, I will need you standard headlining in part ex! If nobody is interested I will retrim this one but it seems a shame!

23-09-08, 19:40
think you may have posted in the wrong section mate.:ILU:

Rising Sun Campers
23-09-08, 20:30
No Its for sale mate plus px of old headlining

23-09-08, 20:36
might be interested depending on colour!?

any pics?
price with px?:ILU:

Rising Sun Campers
23-09-08, 20:38
It a medium grey colour i guess. Ill get some pics of it tomorrow and get it posted on here. Im unsure of a price really, make me an offer!

Rising Sun Campers
24-09-08, 20:42
Heres some pics as requested, It is trimmed all the way to the front hope the pics are ok, if not i'll try take some in the day i sorta forgot today:confused: et me know if you are interested


Rising Sun Campers
25-09-08, 18:16
I would like to get my headlining re-trimmed while my van is being painted next week, so if anyone is interested I would like to swop this asap!

Rising Sun Campers
26-09-08, 07:40

Rising Sun Campers
26-09-08, 07:41

Rising Sun Campers
29-09-08, 15:33
I got the material off if anyones interested its cut to size with all holes cut out etc PM if you are

29-09-08, 17:21
this just for the material headliner mate?
how much you after, may well be intrested

Rising Sun Campers
29-09-08, 17:31
Hows 20 sound inc P&P?

29-09-08, 17:55
i'll have this if its still going?

29-09-08, 18:36
yea mate that sounds good. any chance of a couple of pics first just to be sure... if its what i want ill take it.

Rising Sun Campers
30-09-08, 13:44
pics are on page one mate

30-09-08, 15:54
yea seen those pics, was after a couple of the material off the headlining... just to check it will match up for deffo with my roof. as you seem to have a large light in the middle, which i dont have.