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window tint?

24-09-08, 13:18
do you have the glass done or sticky stuff? that i made a hash of!

24-09-08, 13:25
Just had mine done today by a pro. Cost me 260 for the whole van and they've done a really good job.

Hope to post some pics later.

24-09-08, 14:15
Did ours ourselves!

Cost the price of the film and also a few tools that we bought.

Let me know where you are if local and i'll fit for some beer money!

Daz in Guz
24-09-08, 20:21
Had mine supplied and fitted by the Hoofing guys at Van Sport in Penzance.
I know it's a travel, but they guarantee them and they do a great job!

Take a look!



24-09-08, 20:36
Did it myself see velle build for pics. Hard work and fiddley but worth it, the only hint i can give would be to get the tailgate one done by a pro as it needs heat shrinking on to fit the shape.

02-10-08, 20:54
Can anyone recommend anyone in Midwales/Shropshire area???