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Booster Pack

24-09-08, 14:59
Ok team, real quick one here if poss!?

Got a 2.5tdi, she drops battery charge a bit, and as a quick fix im gonna buy a booster pack and throw it in the back of the van when i go away for a couple of days.


What size do i need? does it have to be anything special? The guy i just rang did some awesome hissing through teeth when i mentioned it was a van...

Can i just buy a 60 starter pack?

team french
24-09-08, 15:15
this is the only one on the mchine mart site to say what engine size it will handle-

have you had the condition of the battery checked as if its not holding charge because its an old battery it may be cheaper to get e new battery.

24-09-08, 15:28
hmmm, no is the quick answer. it seems to hold charge well enough for the most part, but over time won;t start the van.

will go flat in a weekend if parked up with the doors openign and lcosing lots, maybe a bit of stereo on (camping at mtb races etc.)

team french
24-09-08, 15:43
i have a cheap booster pack, ive never had to try and start the van with it but take it camping and use it to blow up beds etc to save the van battery. it can be quite handy. but i think your problem needs a bit of investigating. try and nip to halfords or similar as they do battery testing. cancels one thing out if its ok:dunno:

24-09-08, 16:26
I've got the cheapest booster that Maplins do, think it was on special at 25 ish. Wouldn't start my 1.9 from completly dead, but if there's a bit of life in the battery it's enough to give it a pep up enough to start

24-09-08, 16:42
just replaced my battery. Showed all correct voltages, ok day to day but steadily got worse & couldn't cope wit interior lights left on etc. Quick chat with mechanic, Said will show correct voltages but hasn't got the umph to start the van. This will have got worse once fully drained at any time. Which mine was. Just under 100 for fresh battery from local motor factors much cheaper than Halfords! All fine since & less than a boost pack, which from my experience don't last long if they're the cheap ones.