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Comments Please

24-09-08, 17:43
Hi all,,

I would like you to watch this video of my brother inlaw. and best mate..
I made it up the other night. you will know why when you watch it..

But regardless of it`s meaning,

I would like your opinion on his music./his voice
Myself and all our friends think he is **** hot, but obviously we are biased..
Just curious as to what other people think..

comments welcome..



24-09-08, 17:54
Looks like the world sadly lost a talented, caring and fun lovin person :(

Loved his voice and the music T:

Thanks for sharing your tribute to him and your memories of him :)


Chris :ILU:

24-09-08, 17:58
Great voice and had loads of talent by the sounds of things. Very Chilli Pepperish.

Lovely Tribute to him.

24-09-08, 20:26
The world has lost a talented musician, 10 years have gone by and he is not forgotton by family and friends. A lovely tribute to him.

My glass will be held high for him. :ILU:

25-09-08, 06:30
Cheers guys..

nice comments, brought a tear to my wifes eye.

glad you liked it.

there will be some more of his music going on soon.

enjoy T: