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T4 Atlantis - How much?

Joe G
25-09-08, 06:03
Hi, sorry it's one of these sort of posts but I'm thinking of moving my Atlantis on and have no idea of it's worth??
It's an S reg '99 151bhp lhd PAS, electric heated mirrors, electric windows , central locking, heated front seats, dual zone climate control, engine heater on a timer for cold mornings! twin airbags, seats 7 with 2 removable rear facing seats one with an electric cooler under it, a table in the back, the rear seat is a full width bed. tow bar, 16" factory alloys. Tinted rear windows. It's done 195k kms, MOT'd serviced when needed. It's got a few scuffs and parking dings but cleans up really nice.


So what do you think?

25-09-08, 07:37
Nice spec of T4

10-12k Euro is the german price for them with 180-200k km on them same Spec

the LHD will make it a bit less valuable in UK

its only worth what someone wants to pay for it

Good luck with your sale


25-09-08, 19:04
ive pmd you mate i may be interested in this