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Mots in bournemouth area???

26-09-08, 18:52
Where u lot gettin ur longwheel bases MOTED in the bournemouth area,the reason i ask is because some1 told me that due to the lenght some centres wouldnt be able to accomodate it ???Any help will be appreciated.

26-09-08, 21:04
AKD at newtown 01202 743148 ask for kevin, tell him andy from firstglass gave you there number

26-09-08, 21:45
nice one cheers andy will ring him wen i get it back,is that parkstone??

26-09-08, 22:29
G and S Baker in Poole are great.....

26-09-08, 22:34
yes, off ringwood road

26-09-08, 23:03
sweet just round the corner from me.

Paul Martin
27-09-08, 07:55
Sorry to infiltrate this thread but are any of you in a position to be able to give a newbie a little help and advice? I live in the Bournemouth area (Ensbury Park) and could use a little help in getting started with a few modifications and identifications on my type of T4 van etc.

Any help would be gratefully received and I'll happily buy you a pint or two for your troubles.



27-09-08, 16:52
No problem paul, come down to the workshops or give me a call sometime