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10" Vibe AC10 sub (older style with the port and window on the 90 degree front face)

26-09-08, 21:46
Hi all

Ive decided to sell my VIBE AC10 because I want a smaller sub to go under one of the front seats. T

his is the older style where the front panel contains both the viewing window and the port, with the front 90 degrees to the floor, making it ideal to fit as part of a bench or cabinet.



Info from Vibe:

An exact balance of enclosure, amplifier and subwoofer make the CBR active seamlessly integrated for power, precision and reliability”.

Unsurpassable for quality the CBR Active is specifically designed to create the optimum environment to ensure precision performance of its component parts including the VIBE BlackAir II subwoofer and a Class AB monoblock amplifier.

Perfectly integrated with both the driver and the pressurized enclosure the purpose built MonoBox 1 amp is power hungry and produces consistent sound quality even at low volumes.


Height - 325mm
Width - 400mm
Top Depth - 290mm
Bottom Depth - 395mm
Driver - BlackAir II 10"
Turbo Ports - 1
Amplifier Power RMS - 300w
Characteristics - Deep Smooth Bass
Amplifier Type - MonoBox I
The distinctive Vibe TurboPort™ and the new PressureWedge™ design creates external pressures to assist cone control and enhance enclosure porting.

Specifically tuned to peak frequency incorporating volume control, phono outputs (for linking), phase control and built in low pass crossover to adjust the bass frequency, the Active boasts near indestructibility and is virtually distortion free..

Im looking for around £100 ono - Im totally willing to discuss.

The postage will, obviously, be pretty steep! Collection or a 50/50 meet can also be arranged.

It is on the dreaded bay too:


28-09-08, 09:57
Now Sold T:

29-09-08, 07:01
Now Sold T: