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Exhaust for 2.5 102bhp

Racin' Roddy
27-09-08, 21:23
I have holed the down-pipe in my Ex-AA, what are my options for a full modified system preferably stainless and how much ? Is it okay to remove the cat?

The missus has been quoted 80 just to replace the down-pipe (manifold to cat) section, seems a bit steep.

Anyone care to pass on any much appreciated advice?


pure t4
27-09-08, 21:53
try this

28-09-08, 02:40
Don't know about downpipe, but Powells in Pool sorted me a custom stainless, downpipe back, using a single box (I supplied a scorpion backbox) for 200 quid, lifetime warranty. It is excellently made, I would recommend it.