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01-10-08, 13:05
Im new to this site and to my T4. Can anyone tell the pros and cons of removing/keeping the bulkhead when converting to a weekender campervan? I can see that I might get more room but surely it affects structural strength and all that?
Thanks for your time

01-10-08, 13:09
hello and welcome,bulkhead does not affect structrual strength it is just in place to protect passenger compartment from objects in rear,you can remove it and yes this will give you more room and if you have 2 single seats allow you to enter the rear without exiting a door
there should be some removal topics on here if you do a search,i know the metal ones are harder to remove - need a grinder enjoy your van and the site.paul

01-10-08, 13:25
im sure you could sell it on ebay once removed, then spend the cash on mods

01-10-08, 14:45
Welcome to the forum and enjoy your T4. Hopefully we will see you at next meet? T: I have added you to my list and will keep you updated of any local events/meets and feel free to post in the Norfolk Suffolk ideas thread, all suggestions welcome. I would strongly recommend registering as as full member (10 for the year) then you can see all the threads on conversions for inspiration and advice, its well worth it.


01-10-08, 18:29
Welcome to the forum cindy T:

01-10-08, 19:08
I've just cut the bulkhead out of my T4, and it makes it a lot better. I just need another single seat to swap for the double up front.
The grinding took a bit longer than I thought tho! Well worth the time and effort.

01-10-08, 19:56
Hi, and welcome to the forum- the T4 bodyshell does not draw any strength from the secondary bulkhead

01-10-08, 20:32
welcome to the forum and happy camping/ modding. once you start.......

01-10-08, 22:04
Nope, no structural benefit, but it does keep the cab warm if the back isnt fully insulated, which I'm sure you plan to do? Otherwise you have a nice fridge behind you in the winter!! Welcome. :)

05-10-08, 18:31
Oh dear, I must be SO dim! I posted a question about how to get the bulkhead out but now I cant find my own message to see if anyone replied SO...I will have to ask again.

Please how do I cut the bulkhead out of my T4? I have an angle grinder so do I just cut round the edge? Someone told me to cut down the middle and gently pull? Dont know about that:confused:
thanks again...and how do you find your own replies when you've asked a :c question?!