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Anyonegot a silverscreen?

01-10-08, 20:49
i am unsure which one too get. the nylon thin one or a thermal one.

Anyone had any experience with them?

01-10-08, 20:58
iv got a thermal one, very good, but does take up room when not in use and rolled up

02-10-08, 06:58
Thermal ones are great. I've only got the windscreen and front 2 doors so not too bulky. T:

02-10-08, 08:53
i got a silverscreen

hav a look at i have a couple of pics of the silver screen at the very end of the post

it fits & rolls nicely in a bag, very light as well

well worth a buy


02-10-08, 10:20
i gonna order one of them thermal ones today then guys.
cheers for your help

02-10-08, 10:42
Thermal is the right choice. Like most things, you get what you pay for....some of the cheaper ones do crack after lots of folding.