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need help!

02-10-08, 07:21
come on guys give me a hand to make the right choice, ive decided not to chuck any more money at the petrol engine and spend a bit more on a newer van, i cant make my mind up on engines 1.9 2.4 or 2.5 but i know i want a turbo, im after a short wheel base pref with some seats in the back, what will i get 2500:confused:

autohaus taunton
02-10-08, 07:49
i think the best u can get for that money is a 1.9 turbo.i think the 2.5 turbo will cost and 2.5 turbo do not go together.i would stick to 1.9 turbo.

team french
02-10-08, 10:46
same as above, then see then 1.9 tuning threads if you want a bit more go:ILU: im yet to tweek mine as i can live with it as is but one day i'll have a playT:

02-10-08, 15:49
thanks chaps have taken your advice and got myself a 99 v plate 93000 miles documented for 2700, its a rolls royce compared to my other van:ILU:

team french
02-10-08, 16:58
any pics?T:T: