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Wow! I Got A New Ride

02-10-08, 17:05
Just bought myself a 99 V 1.9 TD 800 special today 93000 miles genuine SH, got her for 2700 and posted a pic of her in team red, feeling really chuffed:) does anybody know how to get an avatar, im not to clever on the puter:dunno:

02-10-08, 17:13
Click Control panel top left
Then look under settings and options (on the left) for edit avatar :ILU:

02-10-08, 19:00
thankou feeling really really clever now:ILU:

02-10-08, 20:58
cool, use it well

02-10-08, 21:29
Welcome to the forum! Pay your subscription tenner and have a look at tem 1.9 td to tdi Project Power. Just done mine and its a completely different animal now with no loss in fuel consumption!