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whats it worth

paul ss
03-10-08, 13:20
cant realy put a price on my other van but got someone asking me if wanted to sell it yesterday , so told them would give them a call with a price .

spec of van is as follows

1997 1.9turbo swb

120.000 on clock with loads of history all mots etc

18"alloys - lowerd 85mm
full respray 6-8months ago
underside is very clean
lift up tailgate
tinyed windows all round


decent sound system / dvd player flip down screen
full width rock and roll bed with seat belts
captins seats
full re-trim in leather all round so matches
full styline kit inside plastics
sink and hob

mint condition both inside and out just after what sort of guide price to see if i may have my arm bent behind my back into selling it .

03-10-08, 14:45
Any pictures buddy? I:

paul ss
03-10-08, 14:50
only ones from about a year ago before respray and when was building it

must take some new ones to be fair LOL:just never get round to it , its been detailed next week so all been well shall have good chance to get some when its all sparkly clean .

T4 Tom
03-10-08, 14:56
without pics almost impossible,

Guess 6k but what do I know?

paul ss
03-10-08, 22:39
ok suppose pics do help , i will add some at end of next week once its been detailed T:

Rising Sun Campers
07-10-08, 19:48
ooooh it sounds like it should be worth around 3k, especially if you used your Ikea cupboards in this one mate....... good luck with the sale LOL:

Paul Martin
07-10-08, 20:07
Sounds like 5.00 to me but I'll happily give you 7.50 for it seeing as I'm a generous mood. T: